Hand Made Chilli Jams & Sauces on the Isle of Man

Chilli Jam is as tasty as it is flexible. It’s delicious on sandwiches, wraps and burgers and perfect for a Ploughmans, pate or a cheese platter. Add a spoonful to mayonnaise or hummus for extra flavour. Mix some into soup, noodles or pasta – or stir through passata for a delicious pizza base.

Use it as a marinade, brush it over some salmon or coat a gammon joint. Dollop some onto a burger or sausage sandwich. It’s also ideal for adding to curries, chillies and stir-fries. As they say, the only limit is your imagination!

About Us

Dean harn

I bring spice to life and add depth and warmth to food, catering to every palate and taking great pleasure introducing people to the wonderful world of chillies. Celebrating the unique flavours of all chilli peppers is important to me. With thousands of varieties out there, there’s so much potential for discovering great taste combinations and levels of heat. 

Instead, I blend many together with other complementary ingredients for recipes that put taste first every time. What truly excites me is the search for new ways to bring delicious, unique combinations to the table by being fearless with flavour. That’s been my mission from day one and it always will be!